Financial support for disability equipment

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There are thousands of different pieces of equipment or assistive technology out there that can help people live more independent lives.

You may be eligible for funding towards the cost of some pieces of equipment, or have it loaned to you on a long-term basis. 

If your disability is related to an injury

ACC may provide equipment for people with injury-related disabilities or rehabilitation needs.

Visit ACC’s website to find out:

  • If you're eligible for ACC funded equipment.
  • What equipment ACC may be able to provide.
  • How you can arrange an assessment with an ACC equipment assessor.

Go to ACC getting aids and equipment (ACC website)

If your disability is not due to an injury

The Ministry of Health provides equipment for people who have a physical, intellectual, sensory (vision or hearing) and/or age-related disability.

To find out if you're eligible for government funded equipment, you'll need to have an assessment with a specialist equipment assessor.

Assessors can be:

  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Speech-language therapists
  • Hearing and vision professionals.

There is a limit to what the MOH can offer so it is important to read about what you could be entitled to and other options that are available to you.

Go to Equipment for disabled people (Ministry of Health website)

Go to Equipment for people who are blind or have reduced vision (Ministry of Health website)

Go to Equipment for people who are Deaf or have hearing loss (Ministry of Health website)

Go to Equipment for children and young people who are Deaf or have hearing loss (Ministry of Health website)

How do I get an assessment?

To get an assessment organised, contact Enable New Zealand who will put you in touch with an assessor in your area.

Contact Enable New Zealand

Other options to consider

Can I buy smaller pieces of equipment myself?

It may be easier for you to buy smaller, less expensive (under $50) pieces of equipment that will make your life easier rather than waiting for an assessment. These could be things like:

  • Special cutlery,
  • electric can openers,
  • raisers for a chair or bed,
  • long-handled hair brushes/combs,
  • reachers,
  • dressing aids,
  • short grab rails,
  • walking sticks.

Take a look around our National Equipment Database to see what kind of products are available that could help you.

Go to the National Equipment Database

Can I test out equipment to see what works for me?

Some organisations or disability information centres have demonstration equipment that you can try out to see what would work best for you. 

Talk to your assessor or contact your local disability information centre for more information.

Find an Information Centre near you

Hire or rent disability equipment

Some disability centres hire and sell disability equipment. Or they can tell you about places in your area that sell, hire or loan disability equipment.

Find an Information Centre near you

Workplace equipment funding

The Modification Grant helps people with disabilities pay for workplace changes or equipment that makes it easier for them to stay in or get work. The Ministry of Social Development Funds it.

Visit Work and Income's website to find out:

  • What the modification grant pays for.
  • Who can get the grant.
  • How much you can get.
  • How to apply for the grant.

Go to Modification Grant (Work and Income website)